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Attract Your Best Leads

Describing what you do is your greatest superpower. You can attract (or repel) leads depending on what you say and how you say it.

Learn a simple but compelling framework for how to write about what you do so it captivates the right people. 
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What's the Secret 

to Attracting the Best Leads?

Storytelling (but not just any old story...)

Are you making any of the most common lead-repelling mistakes? 
  • Discover what your clients want
  • How it overlaps with what you (the business leader!) wants
  • Master the Rule of Thirds to grow your audience and keep them interested
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Get an Easy, Repeatable Storytelling Framework

3 Simple Exercises to Attract Your People (all the time, every time)

Explore Problems

... but not ANY problems. The problems that engage your audience and motivate them into action.

Avoid Heady Solutions

Learn why the Problem/Solution model is broken (and what to do instead).

Dive into Transformation

Let's talk about change. And how to get your prospects excited to work with you. 
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Jen McFarland

Founder, Women Conquer Business
Jen McFarland is a passionate and compassionate champion of entrepreneurs. She has more than 25 years of experience in leadership, digital marketing, and strategic project planning. She is a speaker, teacher, leader, and visionary for the small business community who loves dad jokes and helping people find more joy in their work.